Criminal Charges of Adultery for Married Woman During a Divorce and During a Marriage

News viewers from Stuart, Jupiter, and Wellignton were stunned by the recent misdemeanor charges filed against a married woman, who was discovered having extramarital affairs in a New York public park. Along with charges of public lewdness, the 41-year old woman was criminally charged with adultery. First established as a crime in 1907, the law clearly states that women that participate in adulterous activities can face up to 90 days in jail and fines of $500. Palm Beach County residents may be unaware that two dozen states currently have similar laws concerning infidelity, including Florida. While this law has only been held against about a dozen perpetrators over the last 40 years, the real question remains: why is adultery a crime and should that change? Experienced family law and divorce attorneys recognize that current statistics show 92% of people think extramarital affairs are morally wrong, compared to only 6% that think infidelity is morally acceptable. While society appears to have developed a tolerance for explicit sexual behavior in the media, the importance of faithfulness in marriage still holds. Current laws regarding adultery may appear to be outdated, yet they are proving to align with modern values on marriage. Legislators are still wavering on whether or not this law needs to be modified for the 20 century. To read the full story about the New York woman that was recently charged with adultery, please click here .

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