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A Collaborative Divorce Team: Financial Specialist

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Equal Timesharing Arrangement for Children

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Cheating Spouses Show Low IQs; To Avoid Divorce Marry Smart?

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Facebook Friends with an Ex? 5 Reasons to Stay "Friends" on Facebook 

Men Doing Housework Reduces Chance for Divorce

In Divorce Cases, You Can't Hide: Social Media Evidence in A Divorce

Don’t Cheat Yourself by Overlooking Assets in a Divorce

"Life is Short. Get a Divorce." Slick Advertising or Poor Taste?

If Your Child is Overweight, Will You Lose Custody in a Divorce Case?

How Do You Prove Ownership of an Animal in a Florida Divorce Case?

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Divorce Hurts Health Even After Remarriage

Law Firm Sued Over Client's Use of Spyware in a Divorce Case

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When Do I Need a Prenuptial or a Postnuptial Agreement in Florida?

Children Home Alone During Holiday Vacations

Florida Ban on Same-Sex Adoptions Ruled Unconstitutional

After Divorce: Wills, Beneficiaries or Trustees

Don't Use Pennies to Pay for Alimony

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Divorce Doesn't Scar Children – Selfish Parents Do

Vacationing Without the Kids: Don't Forget the Essentials

Divorce Parties

Kids - Divorce - Computers

New Prenuptial Agreement Law Takes Effect in Florida

Parental Alienation Awareness

Passport Rules Catch Child Support Dodgers

What to do when your ex begins badmouthing you to your kids