Preventing the Summer Slide in Your Children

It is summertime and the last thing our kids want to think about is schoolwork. Most of our children deserve a rest or break from regular school assignments and projects.

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Can Watching Movies Reduce Your Chance of Getting Divorced?

Most men groan when they think of having to watch a "chick flick" with their female significant other/spouse. For some men, it's like pulling nails. However, such reluctance may become less frequent based on the results of a recent study from Rochester University. 

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How to Select the Best Collaborative Divorce Attorney

You commence your search for an experienced collaborative law attorney like you do any professional. You check with your friends and your professional acquaintances and try to find personal referrals. Remember that the facts of their case, their personalities, the size of their marital estate, and their personalities often factor significantly into the results that they have received and these factors will not be the factors in your case. Nevertheless, you want to ask friends, acquaintances, or professionals for recommendations.

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July 2017 Is Collaborative Divorce Month in Florida

As of July 31, 2017, Florida's collaborative law statute and collaborative law rules of procedure and ethics will be official.

Collaborative divorce is a process in which each party has their own specially trained collaborative attorney. The parties and their attorneys meet jointly and negotiate the resolution of issues in a divorce case with the assistance of a neutral financial professional and the assistance of a mental health facilitator (who is usually a mental health professional). Advantages of collaborative divorce are: 

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5 Surprising Facts About Legal Separation in Florida

For a variety of reasons including health insurance concerns, religious concerns, social security and pension benefits, and even a desire to eventually reconcile, couples in troubled relationships may opt for legal separation rather than divorce. In Florida, there are a number of surprising facts about legal separation that you should consider before deciding on that option.

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7 Pieces of Advice From Divorce Lawyers Before You Get Married

Nobody wants to think about divorce before they get married, which is unfortunate because divorce lawyers have a wealth of advice they’ve developed through their experience.

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5 Reasons to Choose Collaborative Divorce

Today there is more than one way to get divorced and many couples are moving away from traditional litigation oriented divorce towards a new alternative that keeps them out of a courtroom and still on speaking terms with one other. Learn more about this method, known as collaborative divorce, and ascertain if it might be a good fit for you.

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Is My Ex Entitled to My Separate Bank Account after a Divorce?

When it comes to divorce, the name on a bank account doesn’t necessarily dictate who will receive its contents during the division of property. It is the job of the divorce court judge to determine whether the funds are joint property or one spouse’s separate property by applying state law.

(Note: In contrast to community property states, Florida is an equitable distribution jurisdiction. This means that the judge starts with a presumption of a 50/50 split and then considers a variety of exceptions in considering a different division (60/40, 70/30, etc.).

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Your Divorce Attorney Is Not Returning Your Calls or Emails

Communication during the course of the divorce between you and your attorney is critical, both in terms of your sanity and in terms of making sure your game plan for your case is instituted appropriately.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a breakdown in communication. Many people have come to me for second opinions where they complain that their attorney is not returning their phone calls; they do not know what is going on in their case; they can't get an appointment with their attorney.  There may be legitimate reasons why your attorney may not be in constant communication with you. 

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7 Ways to Fight Fair During and After Your Divorce

"Nobody can hurt me without my permission."  Mahatma Gandhi 

The concept of fight fair seems to be the antithesis of a divorce.  There is very little that is "fair" about any divorce.  However, learning to fight fair during an intact marriage, during your divorce, or after your divorce can pay dividends in terms of effective parenting, co-parenting, putting closure on your divorce and getting on with your life.  

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What to do when your ex begins badmouthing you to your kids