Everyone thinks the final judgement signed by the courts is the conclusion of the divorce. However, nothing can be further from the truth. After the final judgement has been entered there are a number of task that each party must finish. At the conclusion of your divorce case, the first thing you should do is obtain several certified copies of the Final Judgment.  You must also review the Final Judgment and/or Settlement Agreement carefully with your attorney to ensure that you understand what you must complete under the terms of the Settlement Agreement and/or the terms of the Final Judgment. 

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Important Missing Issues in Divorce Parenting Plans

The overwhelming majority of divorces result in parties agreeing to shared parental decision-making subsequent to their divorce.  Shared parental decision-making is defined as parents discussing and agreeing upon major issues in their children's lives including, but not limited to education, non‑emergency healthcare (for example orthodontics/braces), and extracurricular activities which would occur on both parents' (both parents' timesharing/visitation).

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How to Choose an Attorney

When selecting your divorce lawyer, there are certain considerations you should make to help ensure you have the best representation for your situation. These include:

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What to do when your ex begins badmouthing you to your kids