How To Travel Abroad with Your Child Over Your Spouse’s Objections During or After Your Divorce

Don't let your ex-spouse prevent you from obtaining your child's passport. During the spring, most parents start thinking about summer vacation with their children. It is becoming more and more common for children to have passports. Some families routinely travel overseas on vacations or have other family members who live abroad.

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​Collaborative Divorce and Holiday Timesharing (Visitation) ​

Going through any type of divorce is traumatic. But going through a divorce with children is even more exponentially nerve racking and carries with it its own set of issues. Major issues in parenting during and after a divorce, occur around decision-making and timesharing (visitation) or contacts scheduled with your children. Among the timesharing issues are holidays.

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7 Tips to Keep the Children's Halloween a Treat Before & After Divorce

Halloween is a very exciting event. Show me one person who doesn't love dressing up and getting free candy. Most people at least like one or both of these options. Children and, in particular young children, really enjoy Halloween.They get to dress up, pretend to be something that they are not and get treats for doing so. So don't let a rocky marriage or divorce ruin the Halloween experience for your children.

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Do I need a Child Custody/Timesharing Lawyer?

From a legal perspective, parents are not required to have a lawyer for Florida child timesharing (visitation) matters. However, there are advantages to utilizing a board certified family law attorney when dealing with these issues.

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8 Co-Parenting Tips for When Your Children Are Back in School

Kids in South Florida have now returned to school and it's time to face the music.  If you're separated, in the middle of a divorce, or are already divorced, you may not care very much for co-parenting with your ex-spouse.  However, you know that your children need you to put aside your animosity in order to make their school year a success.

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Getting Children to Listen After Divorce

As local parents ourselves in the West Palm Beach area, we understand that parenting children is never easy. Problems of parenthood are compounded when you add the stress and emotional upset of a divorce or separation. Nevertheless, there are a number of steps that you can take to make sure that your children hear your instructions and will be more likely to follow them the first time you speak them to them. Those suggestions include:

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Fun Ways to Interact With Your Teen During Your Divorce

This is the period of time in your child’s life where they want to spend more time with their peers than with you; they are asserting their independence and attempt to push away from any interactions with their parents; and sometimes they’re just plain ornery. Nevertheless, here are some suggested activities that you can offer to your teen, which will promote your older child’s continued interaction with their family and a better relationship with you. 

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Navigating Timesharing Custody Battles in Divorce

In bitter divorces, the struggle for timesharing/custody can often turn ugly. When arming yourself for these potentially contentious battles in divorce, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of success on the battlefield. 

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3 Tips When Traveling with Kids After Divorce


You’re checking off all the items necessary to create an unforgettable vacation for you and your children. While this trip provides you the opportunity to create new memories post-divorce, it is important that the divorce itself is still part of your planning consideration. 

Your timesharing, or child custody/visitation order may have specific guidelines and details related to what you can and cannot do when traveling with your children. Understanding these in advance will help you plan and enjoy a stress-free trip. Also, how you communicate with your ex-spouse regarding the vacation may have an impact on your ongoing post-divorce relationship. 

So before you throw sunscreen in a bag and run out the door, consider these three items related to traveling with kids after divorce:  

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Is a 50/50 Time-Sharing or Visitation Schedule Good for a Child?

Many people commence a divorce or paternity case with the impression that 50/50 timesharing/visitation automatically is in the best interest of their child. However, this premise does not take into account that each family is unique and has its own individual dynamics and circumstances.

Children show the best adjustment in divorce or paternity cases where there is a cooperative co‑parenting, shared responsibility (shared decision-making) and limited conflict between the parents.

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What to do when your ex begins badmouthing you to your kids