August 16, 2010

Facebook Friends with an Ex? 5 Reasons to Stay "Friends" on Facebook 

Facebook Friends With Your Ex After a Florida Divorce

After a bitter divorce, the temptation to cut your ex out of your life may feel overwhelming. While deleting their number from your smartphone, they are still an important part of your pre-divorce life and your future, especially when children are involved. 

Family law and divorce attorneys have noticed a new trend of divorcees to de-friend their ex-spouse from their Facebook network. Although couples in Florida may want to consider un-tagging romantic photos, there are good reasons for divorced couples to stay “friends” on Facebook. Five reasons not to defriend your ex:

  1. To Keep in Touch: Although communicating with your ex during the divorce or directly after may be upsetting, bitter feelings may subside after time has passed. Recognize that your families are intertwined and maintaining an amicable relationship in the future may be best to continue mutual friendships.                                                                                                                  Schedule a Personalized Divorce Assessment With an Attorney Today!
  2. It’s Immature: Removing your ex-spouse from your network of friends is childish. By stooping to juvenile behavior, you inadvertently inform your ex that you are hurt and upset. Hold your head up high and avoid defriending your ex-spouse to show you can handle the divorce confidently.
  3. It Won’t Erase Your Past: While removing your ex from your friends list may prevent him or her from viewing your most recent feeds and photos, it will not erase the past. Embrace your past by realizing you would not be who you are today without having them as an integral part of your past life.
  4. To Show Off: Avoid defriending your ex so you can flaunt your chic haircut, trendy clothes, and free attitude across your Facebook site after your divorce. Let your ex know you have moved on with a new found identity when they coincidentally scroll onto your page. Sometimes success is the best revenge.
  5. To Keep Tabs: Everyone is guilty of the occasional Facebook stalking. After the divorce, your curiosity about your ex may drive you to sneak a glance at their wall posts or latest photo uploads. Once you remove them from your network of friends, privacy settings may prevent you from viewing their site.

So, divorced people in Florida may want to think twice before defriending their former spouse. For more information on the reasons to stay Facebook friends with an ex, please click here .


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