September 10, 2014

7 Divorce Tips for Executives

Divorce for Executives in Florida

Ending a marriage in Florida is no fun. If you are an executive for a company, these steps will help you during your Florida Divorce.

  1. As A Senior Executive, You Must Disclose Benefits Packages - You will likely also have stock options or awards that have to be considered in your divorce--and there should always be a determination early in the process as to whether the stock is a separate asset.
  2. You Will Probably Need A Business Valuation Expert – If you own a business, be sure your lawyer has a good relationship with that expert so that your case will get efficient and high priority treatment.
  3. Your Lifestyle Is Already Demanding - When you retain a law firm, you will want one that understands what it took to attain your position, and a clear understanding that you must continue to be available to handle the demands of your career even though you are going through a dissolution of marriage.                                                                                                                           Schedule a Personalized Divorce Assessment with an Attorney Today!
  4. Your Forensic Accounting Team Must Work Hard For Your Goals - They will analyze and present your financial data and help determine the tax consequences of various settlement possibilities. You'll need a future earning stream analysis to demonstrate how the lower wage earning spouse can meet his or her needs with the payment of little or no alimony/spousal support from you.
  5. Your Lawyer Should Have Experience With Large And Complicated Assets And Have The Relationships To Prove It - He should have solid access to business lawyers who have significant expertise in drafting the legal agreements you will need to split businesses or to go forward in your own business as a non-married owner. Buy-out provisions in high assets business cases typically require business lawyers with specific expertise in this area.
  6. You Need A Legal Team That Supports Focus - Your legal team needs to understand the importance of you maintaining focus. The stress associated with a dissolution of marriage should not be compounded by having a legal team that does not understand the burden of a career with heavy responsibilities. Evening and weekend availability of your legal team is a must for business owners and executives going through a dissolution of marriage.
  7. Your Attorney Should Have A Vocational Expert Available - You and your attorney will need to determine the best way to get the lower wage earning spouse back into the job market if that seems to be a reasonable possibility. These analyses are very helpful to the judge should your case end up in trial and you want to make an argument about future employment of the opposing party, or even yourself, if you are the lower wage earner.

If you have a high net worth and/or have a large income, it is vital to work with an attorney who has significant experience with complicated asset structures. We have assisted many owners, directors and shareholders with matters of business valuation. We help them determine the scope and value of their assets, then aggressively fight for those assets during dissolution of marriage. The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A., has longstanding relationships with forensic experts and vocational experts and will be able to provide top notch service during your divorce.

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