June 1, 2017

7 Signs Your Marriage May Be Heading for Divorce

Signs Your Marriage May Be Heading for Divorce

All marriages have their highs and lows, but how do you know if what you are going through is just a rough patch or a precursor to the end? Consider these 7 signs that your marriage may be headed for divorce.

Heading for Divorce 

  • Adultery. Clearly, this is a major red flag. For some, it is the only sign they need to know their marriage is over. Other couples find a way to work through one infidelity. If it reaches the point where the behavior is repeated or habitual, adultery becomes a monumental obstacle to overcome.
  • Unresolved financial issues. Disagreements over money can run the gamut from a couple who must deal with the financial challenges of limited funds to those who have an abundance of resources, but disagree over how to spend them. These disputes can disrupt a marriage, ultimately contributing to its deterioration.

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  • A communication breakdown. Most couples remember a time with they told their spouse everything. As time passes, however, those lines of communication can begin to shut down or turn from more personal conversations to superficial discussions about mundane topics. If communication was once what tied a couple together, the weakened connection makes it easier for one or both to ultimately turn away from the marriage.
  • Suffering from “the grass is greener” syndrome. Over the years, those things that initially endeared someone to their spouse can evolve into more of an annoyance. Instead of refreshing, these traits also run the risk of growing stale over time and leaving a spouse looking for something new and different. Without perspective, that something new and different can lead to a shift in focus to someone else that seems to embody the now desirous qualities.
  • Imbalance in effort. Whenever one spouse is doing more than the other, there is the opportunity for them to feel resentment and frustration. This is true when it comes to things as small as housework to as big as the actual effort put into keeping the relationship healthy and flourishing. An unwillingness of one partner to step up his or her game, can speak volumes to their spouse.
  • Dwindling excitement in alone time. Whether it is merely dinner out or the desire for intimacy, spouses who no longer want to generate energy around couple time are dealing with what can be a detrimental problem. Some may even find that they are relieved when they can avoid alone time with their spouse. This withdrawal is in stark contrast to the early days of marriage and illustrative of a concerning situation.
  • Being unhappy. At the root of everything, it is important to trust your gut. If you find yourself unhappy- not just for a short period, but for the majority of the time - it is a strong indicator that something is wrong in your life and/or relationship.


Navigating marriage is certainly not easy. All couples go through tough times, but if you find that a good number of the above signs apply to your relationship, it may be time to evaluate the situation and determine a course of action. This may mean counseling, coaching, or another means of working through your problems or, for some, exploring the possibility of divorce. Be sure you have considered your next steps carefully, so you can move forward with what is best for you and your family.


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