October 17, 2012

Another Way to Celebrate Divorce – an Unbridled Shower?

Celebrating Your Florida Divorce

People from Jupiter to Wellington understand that every major event has a celebration – such as a marriage or graduation. Another major turning point in people’s lives is their divorce. The ending of a relationship and commitment with a significant other for a period of time and beginning a new life will present a major transition for anyone. 

With only about a 50/50 chance of a first marriage lasting, and the odds worse for second and third marriages, there seems to be a social desire to celebrate or commemorate what is becoming an increasing common milestone in people’s lives. A divorce shower (or unbridled shower) is like a bridal shower for divorcees. It’s organized by close friends who bring gifts to the divorcee to assist in restocking the home of basic utensils or other items to assist them in restocking their home or enhancing other parts of their lives. A party to celebrate divorce can also celebrate your new freedom or be a “Celebrate My New Life” themed party. There are specialists in divorce party planning, and divorce party websites where you can find various novelties with which you can celebrate your new freedom.

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But whether it’s serious or silly, a divorce party is not just a party. It really can be cathartic, truly a bridge to something new. To learn more about unbridled showers and divorce celebrations, please see the New York Time article here.


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