June 14, 2011

Four Behaviors Likely to Cause Your Divorce

Govern Yourself During a Divorce

Just as happy married couples share qualities in common, bitter ex-spouses do as well. A recent study of divorced couples cited four specific behaviors that are directly linked to ending marriages. By recognizing and avoiding those specific aspects associated with divorcing couples, spouses may be able to save their marriage.

Without further ado, the four behaviors that couples from Wellington to Stuart should avoid in order to prevent their marriage from ending in divorce:

  • Criticism: Openly discussing emotions and thoughts are crucial for a successful and blissful marriage. Sometimes, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Criticism directly attacks your spouse negatively, causing partners to feel hostile towards one another. In order to avoid a potential dissolution of marriage, family law and divorce attorneys across Palm Beach County recommend turning criticism into positive feedback by carefully rephrasing potentially damaging or hurtful comments.

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  • Defensiveness: Individuals that use defensive tactics against one another in marital disputes commonly find themselves headed for an ended marriage. Those that present a defensive front appear rigid and uncompromising on the issues in question. Defensive spouses that commonly seek to win and challenge their partner, should try reaching a fair agreement and compromising on issues.
  • Contempt: Contempt has a way of belittling another spouse through direct statements or passive behaviors such as eye rolling or mocking. Contempt is often done to make another spouse feel inferior. Certainly, such behavior can have detrimental affects on a marriage. Avoid behaving contemptuously by learning how to forgive and move past issues.
  • Stonewalling: Stonewalling is the physical or mental removal of yourself from the needs of your partner. Such behavior can leave the other partner unsatisfied and isolated from the relationship. Instead of shutting down, consult your spouse on the issues of concern.

While many negative behaviors can damage a marital relationship, the four behaviors above are directly linked as common behaviors in couples that are divorcing. Dissolution of marriage attorneys strongly recommend that couples learn new ways to cope with issues other than criticism, contempt, defensiveness, or stonewalling in order to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

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Source: Chicago Tribune  

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