November 20, 2013

Can Divorce Be Collaborative?

Can Divorce Be Collaborative?

When couples get married, they begin with a commitment to live a life together, as partners and confidants. They work together to run a household, maybe raise a family and check off a few “bucket list” items along the way. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, life companions arrive at a mutual decision to end their marriage. They are amicable. They share respect. Would a Collaborative Divorce benefit them?

Southeast Florida residents can legally have a dissolution of marriage through a Collaborative Divorce. To collaborate simply means to work together or cooperate. So a Collaborative dissolution of marriage involves each spouse, along with their respective lawyers, working out the details without going into litigation. This brings couples to resolution in less time and with more pennies in their pockets than with traditional methods. Every time a divorcing couple steps into the court room, the time and fees, not to mention stress, increase.

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What makes a Divorce Collaborative?

  1. Both spouses agree to negotiate issues in a non-adversarial way, working constructively and fairly.
  2. They commit to stay out of the courts.
  3. They willingly disclose information that is needed for the case.
  4. Lawyers manage the process.
  5. Neutral professionals, such as psychologists and/or financial advisors, may be brought in to assist.

If this sounds like a possibility or you would like to find out more about a Collaborative dissolution of marriage? Check out this informative site: International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).

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