December 7, 2010

Cheating Spouses Show Low IQs; To Avoid Divorce Marry Smart?

Cheating Spouses Show Lower IQ's

Residents from Palm Beach Gardens to West Palm Beach will not be surprised that people commonly report infidelity as a cited reason for their decision to divorce their spouse. Whether you live in Stuart or Wellington, adulterous behavior can ruin the level of trust in a relationship causing an imminent break down of marriage. 

Those that have been victimized by their spouse’s decision to pursue extramarital affairs would probably agree with a recent study that linked IQ to faithfulness. The British experiment discovered that smart men are less likely than dumb ones to cheat on their spouse. Evidence shows that the need to seek additional partners is driven by instinctual and psychological factors.

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This adaptation was necessary for the procreation of early man, but modern day men no longer benefit from having multiple partners. Intelligent individuals are able to ignore the psychological factors that may tempt them to cheat on their spouse, helping the couple to avoid divorce.

Also, those of lower IQ levels may worry less about the repercussion of their infidelity or the guilt associated with such affairs. While a male’s level of commitment is strongly correlated to his level of intelligence, there was no such link found in women.

Experienced family law and dissolution of marriage attorneys in Florida have criticized this recent study asserting that the study failed to recognize the fact that highly intelligent men may be less likely to get caught. Regardless of such criticism, spouses may be able to validly claim that “he was stupid to cheat on you!” 


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Source: NY Daily News


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