October 14, 2008

Compulsive Shopping and Divorce: Can You Really Buy Too Much?

Jokes about spouses who spend too much are common. However, divorce attorneys ruefully acknowledge that excessive shopping or debt can cause divorces to occur. 

A recent study has found that as of 2006, as many as 9% of the population may suffer from a problem or addiction with compulsive shopping. Dr April Benson, a psychologist who specializes in treating individuals with compulsive shopping problems, believes that people who spend so much time shopping and buying sometimes are trying to fill an emotional or psychological void in their lives.

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Interestingly, men seem to be as equally affected as women by this disorder. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that individuals who are in disintegrating relationships may be depressed and may commence spending and shopping more. At the same time, one does not need to be a family law attorney to realize that increased spending in a financially troubled, marginal marriage may be more than enough to cause one or both members of that marriage to commence a divorce. 


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