January 24, 2014

Is a Divorce Auction in Your Future?

Divorce Auctions

The auctioneer sported a pair of rugged jeans, well-worn chambray shirt and a visor. He hawked a collection that included leather couches, mahogany furniture, artwork, kitchen gadgets and more. He and his wife who helps in the business, live in a small town north of Denver, Colorado, and he’s selling the entire contents of a home whose owners are divorcing.

Divorce auctions are not known by this name in West Palm Beach. However, CJ Pratt, the warm and welcoming auctioneer said, “Divorce auctions are relatively common, although they're not often billed as such.” He’s been auctioneering for more than 30 years and this is the first time he advertized a divorce auction. He was wary, thinking customers would be put off by the fact that items came from a divorce. The stigma that may or may not be felt by shoppers didn’t keep them away. The parking lot was full.

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So how does a couple come to this decision? Often it is from their indecision. Some couples can’t agree on who gets what or what its worth. They put their household goods up for auction, bid against each other for things they really want and collect proceeds of the rest of what sells. Other divorcees may want to start with a clean slate, sell it all to subdue memories associated with those items. Occasionally, says Pratt, the auction is court ordered when a judge gets tired of a couple not coming to an agreement.

The popularity of divorce auctions has increased in recent years. Pratt thinks it is partly due to the media. The Sex in the City movie included Samantha attending an auction from a divorce in search of a jeweled butterfly ring. In addition, the popularity of auction reality tv series may generate more interest, like A&E’s “Storage Wars”.

If you are interested in attending a divorce auction, looking online is a great source for those located along the coast of southeast Florida. If you are divorcing and are interested in considering this as a way of dividing assets, contact a qualified lawyer to help you understand what might be involved.


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