February 7, 2014

Divorce: Career Bust or Boost?

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It’s in all the papers. Tom and Katie are divorced. Yes, the Hollywood giants, Cruise and Holmes, finalized their dissolution of marriage several days ago and some are wondering how it might affect their careers.

Hollywood.com analyst Paul Dergarabedian says Holmes lost momentum when she got into the relationship with Cruise but the split could be the beginning of a fresh start. “Whatever her next project is, there will obviously be a curiosity factor. But at the end of the day, she's got to do good work.”

Elinor Robin, a family mediator of Boca Raton, would probably agree that good work is the key. “In the long run, divorce may ultimately prove to be a career booster,” she said. “When the focus is off the marriage, the focus can be on the career.”

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Unlike Cruise and Holmes’ speedy settlement, divorcing takes time. Couples litigating through the separation often consume 18 months working towards the final decree. In the meantime, careers can feel like they are on hold.

In Florida, for example, divorced parents with shared custody cannot move more than fifty miles from a residence at the time of their agreement. Many dissolution of marriage lawyers have had clients who turned down a promotion because the job is out of state.

Complications are often magnified especially if spouses share a business. Losing a business that you have spent years growing can be difficult to build again and reinventing yourself is not easy. Once you get back on your feet, some focused energy on career development and training can be useful tools.

Ending a marriage at any age and any stage of work life is devastating. It can wreak havoc on families and put careers and other life plans on hold. It takes some digging deep but there can be many positive changes that happen after divorcing.


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