August 27, 2009

Divorce Hurts Health Even After Remarriage

Marital and family attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, Boynton Beach, and other parts of Palm Beach County would not be surprised at the concept that a divorce can negatively affect a person's emotional and physical health. 

By definition, the breakup of a marriage is disruptive to people's lives on many levels. However, a recent study has found that finding a new partner may not be enough to reverse the physical and psychological negative impacts of a divorce. Waite and Mary Elizabeth Hughes of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health analyzed data collected from nearly 9,000 adults from ages 51 to 61.

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The pool of participants included individuals who had been divorced and remarried and individuals who had never been divorced and had been continuously married to their spouses. Individuals who remarried reported an average of 12 percent more chronic conditions and 19 percent more physical limitations compared with the continuously married. For more information about the study of how divorce hurts health and its results, click here.

As with all studies, this one deals with averages. I think that most mental health professionals and lawyers would agree that depending on the circumstances some divorces may be needed and beneficial to the parties involved.

Nevertheless, the results of this study may provide further support for less contentious ways of ending marriages, by the use of mediation, collaborative divorce, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.


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