October 16, 2013

Divorce: À La Carte


With the downturn of the economy, many individuals can no longer afford legal services for their divorce. In order to save money, an increasing number of people are shifting from professional legal aid to “do it yourself” methods. Many experienced dissolution of marriage attorneys have long offered reduced cost options called unbundled legal services, which are rapidly becoming more popular. This innovative method consists of an agreement between a lawyer and client, in which the lawyer and client agree that the lawyer will undertake certain aspects of a case for a prorated fee, instead of using the more traditional retainer fee and agreement.

Using unbundled legal services for a divorce can benefit prospective clients in the following ways:

  • Financially: The use of unbundling legal services for a dissolution of marriage is advantageous to the client, as it is a less expensive alternative to traditional representation. Using this method, a dissolution of marriage attorney is able provide legal advice without the exorbitant cost associated with a full-fledged representation.

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  • Expeditiously: Unbundled legal services can help a client to complete their case more efficiently and effectively due to the legal assistance provided by the dissolution of marriage attorney. This service is valuable to the client, and it can help to ensure that they did not make any errors while completing paperwork.
  • Promoting Freedom: Individuals who use unbundled legal representation methods can acquire a sense of independence, as they can undertake more responsibility than people who use traditional legal representation. When a client assumes more responsibility, they have the power to make superior legal decisions.

Individuals seeking to end their marriage should be informed of all levels of legal services available to them, when looking to hire an attorney, or embark on their Pro Se dissolution of marriage case.  


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Source: Lawyers USA


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