September 23, 2010

Do We Really Need Lawyers for Divorces or Anything Else?

What do we need an attorney for?

Lawyers are a convenient source for jokes and tongue in cheek observations. Everyone knows a good lawyer joke. Divorce attorneys from Wellington to West Palm Beach are familiar with many of them.

The residents of Palm Beach County are also familiar with the line from Shakespeare's Henry VI: "The first thing we do is kill all of the lawyers. This line often elicits a rueful smile, even from most attorneys. Most people have heard of incidents where lawyers have exasperated people in involved in lawsuits and the claims that they make. When we are bombarded by these messages it is easy to forget the benefit that lawyers provide to us on a daily basis. Name five you exclaim. Better than naming the benefits I have provided a video for you to review.

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To obtain a perspective of the advantages of attorneys with commentary from Bart Simpson to past presidents, please click here. Once you have reviewed it I am sure that you will understand why the practice of law is still considered to be a noble profession and why it is helpful to have the assistance of lawyers for divorces and other legal proceedings.


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