August 14, 2013

Foursquare App Helps to Avoid Your Divorced Spouse

Foursquare App Helps To Avoid Your Ex

Anyone who has been through a bad breakup or a divorce knows that bumping into your ex after the split or divorce can be a most awkward and uncomfortable event. For those separated or divorced spouses who have been avoiding their local grocery store or favorite restaurant for fear of running into their ex-spouse, there is a way to avoid the inevitable run-in . . . that is if you both still share a love of Foursquare.

Individuals going through a breakup and who are familiar with and using Foursquare might consider downloading the Avoidr app. This web-based application allows newly single individuals to track their former partner (using Foursquare) when they show up at that hotspot the two of you used to frequent. San Francisco techy, Jesper Andersen, created the application after witnessing his friends go through breakups and avoid local hotspots to steer clear of places their ex might be.

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Users simply click the “Places to Avoid” to stream a list of locations and venues their prior spouse is currently located. Recently divorced individuals could leave their home without worrying about the inevitable “run-in.” Although this application may be a necessary tool immediately after the divorce proceedings, in due time divorcees may feel more comfortable with bumping into their ex. Until then, Avoidr can offer some reprieve. 


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