November 10, 2010

Getting a Divorce? Make Sure to Create a Divorce Gift Registry

Divorce Gift Registry

As divorce strikes half of all married couples, disenchanted spouses must deal with the potentially devastating emotional and financial upset of the dissolution of their marriage.

There was once a time when divorcing was an uncommon practice and avoided at all costs. As individuals from West Palm Beach to Boca Raton recognize, it has now become widely accepted. Divorcing couples often find themselves celebrating their new found freedom with elaborate divorce cakes or parties instead of hiding in humiliation.

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Our office previously has posted blogs about such enchanting celebrations. In response to a growing market, a British department store began providing those individuals in the midst of ending a marriage, the opportunity to sign up in their convenient divorcing gift registry.

Similar to wedding registries, family and friends of the divorcing spouse can purchase items such as cookware, cutlery, glasses, linens, appliances, and any other items tagged by their newly single friend. Family law and divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach and across Palm Beach County have recognized that the asset distribution experienced during a dissolution of marriage may leave one spouse without basic furnishings and other items for their new home.

After spending most of their funds on litigation and settlement costs, there may be little money left for replacement items for their new residence. Divorcing gift registries can help those dealing with the breakup of their marriage receive the much needed assistance from those closest to them.

While England has been the first to start this progressive practice, it may only be a matter of time before stores in Boca Raton, Wellington, Jupiter, or elsewhere in Florida begin offering similar services. For more information on divorce gift registries, visit this website or to sign up for your own gift registry, click here.


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