May 6, 2008

Kids - Divorce - Computers


Custody claims in highly contested divorces revolve around who is the better parent. Involved, knowledgeable, and caring parenting is the "Holy Grail" of such quest. Children and their computer use is a subject of review, vigilance, and concern for parents, involved or not involved in a divorce

Internet blogs and other social-networking sites recently have exploded in popularity and in the news.

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The number of users currently is estimated at more than 66 million. The majority of activity on these and other youth-oriented web sites is positive or can be positive. However, we have all read stories how people, who would harm children, use these sites to lure children and teens into inappropriate discussion. Such sites can also be used as a source of cyber bullying. For parents to combat these dangers, offers a wide range of Internet safety resources for parents and children. Parents can start by taking the "Blogs Beware" quiz. For kids, there's a related site: For teenagers, there is This teen site specifically deals with how to identify and deal with cyber bullying.

Whether you are an experienced divorce lawyer or a well-seasoned family law attorney, or just a parent who's willing to educate yourself, these sites may be of value to you, your friends, or your client.


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