November 6, 2013

Limited Scope Representation in Divorce Cases


People from Jupiter to Wellington understand that the economy in Palm Beach County is slowly improving. Nevertheless, individuals who are seeking a divorce in Palm Beach County often still cannot afford to pay a divorce lawyer to represent them in their case. Limited scope representation, also known as unbundled legal services, allows you to hire a divorce attorney to do certain parts of your case instead of the traditional “soup to nuts” representation. Some clients choose unbundled legal services because they cannot afford full representation and they believe that some advice or representation at specific hearings is better than no advice. Other people feel capable of handling certain parts of their case, but need assistance in other components of it.

Unbundled services can be customized to fit anyone's divorce case including but not limited to:

  1. Representation at specific hearings, such as temporary reliefhearings or motions to compel discovery;
  2. Drafting pleadings, or discovery requests;
  3. Preparing a client to attend mediation and attending mediation with the client;
  4. Assisting with the preparation of discovery documents and the processing of discovery received from the opposition; and
  5. And periodic consultations throughout the case to provide assistance and advice when needed.

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Payment for limited scope representation can be structured to the specific service rendered. For example, paying a small retainer for ongoing advice or paying for an hour regarding the preparation of the documents. In Florida, lawyers providing limited scope representation are required to have clients sign a consent form that clearly spells out the limited legal services they are being provided and require clients to sign a special limited services fee agreement.

Some individuals have relatively uncomplicated divorces and may need only very limited assistance from an attorney to conclude their case. Other people may have complicated issues but because of their financial circumstances cannot afford an attorney to represent them. The Florida Bar Association has approved unbundled services to provide individuals high quality legal counsel at prices they can afford.


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