September 25, 2013

When Love Flies out the Window: The Mid-Life Divorce

When Love Flies Out the Window

Lack of love and sex are the primary factors for individuals, enduring a mid-life crisis, to get divorced. Usually when we think of the term "mid-life" crisis, we think of a period of time when people change jobs, purchase fancy sports cars, or engage in risky behaviors. Why now, are people in their middle years ending their marriage?

The following explanations provide some of the reasons as to why middle-aged individuals are getting a dissolution of marriage:

  • Lack of sex: According to statistics, many individuals aged 50 and older are ending their marriages because their spouses are emotionally cold and no longer committed to the marriage.

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  • Financial burdens: With the downturn of the economy, many individuals find themselves with large balances owed to credit card and mortgage companies. People suffering from large amounts of debt may find it easier to walk away from their families, rather than trying to pay off their debt.
  • Saga Divorce: Many people who have children have postponed ending their marriages for up to five years to keep their families together. With their grown children out of the nest, they can end their marriage without feeling a sense of guilt for separating the family.
  • Second Divorce: Individuals in their second marriage are more likely to leave an unsatisfying marriage because they are emotionally traumatized from their first marriage. People in their second marriage are more likely to believe that they will endure painful experiences if they continue to stay married to their spouse.
  • Wanting different things out of life: During the middle years, some people conclude that they have not achieved what they want in life. They believe that divorcing their spouse will allow them to accomplish their goals in life.

Experienced dissolution of marriage attorneys in Palm Beach County are seeing more of these middle aged dissolutions of marriage for the reasons listed above. Individuals in this age bracket should realize they are not alone. 


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