December 28, 2010

Marriage Rules You Can Break and Not Risk a Divorce


Everywhere you turn in the media we are provided with advice on various danger signs of divorce and the rules for a healthy marriage. 

However, experienced divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach know that some of the “tried and true” rules for maintaining a healthy marriage and avoiding divorcing are just plain wrong. After all, we can’t be perfect all the time. So when you’re in the mood to test the waters of appropriate vs. inappropriate behaviors to maintain a happy marriage and avoid divorcing, remember this list of ten “rules” that you can break and still remain in marital bliss:

  1. Don’t Go to Bed Angry: Sometimes going to bed angry is a better option than starting an argument when you’re sleepy. Agree to disagree and go to bed.
  2. Always Be 100% Honest: Remember the importance of a white lie. Sometimes lying is okay and needed. This means when your wife asks if the dress from the Wellington mall makes her fat or if your husband asks if the weightlifting sessions at a Boca Raton Gym are paying off, lie.
  3. Never Vacation Without Each Other: Time off from each other may be just what you need. This space may allow you to find new appreciation for your lover.                                                                  Schedule a Personalized Divorce Assessment With an Attorney Today!
  4. If You Fight, You’re Headed for Divorce: Attorneys in West Palm and throughout Palm Beach County know that if you’re fighting this means lines of communication are still open and both individuals still care about the relationship.
  5. Always Put the Kids First: Occasionally, a couple may need to take time off from being Mommy and Daddy, and focus on being husband and wife.
  6. Never Sleep in Separate Beds: If sleeping in the same bed with your partner is uncomfortable due to their kicking or blanket hogging, go ahead and settle down in a different bed.
  7. Partners Should Sync Their Hobbies: Having your own personal interests is essential to establishing your self-identity. Don’t be afraid to be you sometime, not us.
  8. If There Is No Spark You’re Doomed: Marriages are continuously evolving. The reason you love your partner today may be different from the day you married.
  9. Boring is Bad: A predictable relationship is not a bad thing. Embrace the fact that you don’t have drama.
  10. You Should Have Sex With Your Partner to Make Him Happy: Don’t let your sexual interactions with your spouse become a chore. Sometimes you may not be in the mood, and it is okay.


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