June 22, 2010

Men Doing Housework Reduces Chance for Divorce

Mr. Mom is Less Likely to Get a Divorce.

Spring cleaning may take on a whole new stereotype if the results of a recent study have any validity. Men from Wellington to Jupiter may be avoiding their wives to keep from hearing the infamous, “I told you so.” In addition, women may find it increasingly difficult to contain their excitement about a new study. 

Researchers at the London School of Economics have linked men doing housework to a reduction in the likelihood of divorcing. Men helping around the house with domestic duties such as cleaning, cooking, and childcare has now been proven to stabilize marriages and ward off a potential divorce.

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This study conflicts with a similar experiment done in the 1960s that showed marriages were most secure when men only focused on paid work and domestic duties were handled completely by women.

New research proves that the ultimate situation is one in which a female does not work, but the husband regularly assists in housework and childcare. Evidence is finally stating that women need to sit back, relax, and let their hubby do the cleaning. Family law and dissolution of marriage attorneys across Palm Beach County and elsewhere in believe the findings stem from feelings of being taken for granted. By chipping in around the home, men can show their wives they understand and are thankful for the work they do to maintain the home and tend the children. 

Perhaps it is true that small efforts of appreciation go a long way. Experienced divorce attorneys in Palm Beach and elsewhere understand that one spouse assisting the other demonstrates the care, concern, and appreciation that can go a long way in maintaining healthy relationships.


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