September 18, 2013

Passport to Divorce: What Do We Do With the Kid's Passports?

United States Passport and Florida Divorce

Divorce attorneys in throughout South Florida are often confronted with the issue of what to do with children’s passports after a couple's marriage ends. There are many issues to consider when obtaining a child’s passport after a divorce

Some parents are concerned about the other parent taking the child out of the country without prior notice or permission. Gary Maisel, an experienced family law attorney in Fort Lauderdale, has developed a solution to the passport problem. After presiding over many mediations and issues regarding which parent should keep their child’s passport, Mr. Maisel started a neutrally-controlled company to hold passports for divorcing parents. Mr. Maisel’s company, Passport Depository and Escrow Corp., requires both parents to sign an extensive agreement with specific terms.

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The terms require a written authorization form certified by court order or signed by both parties. The release of any passports must be apparent and only pursuant to an original written, notarized letter of authorization executed by both parties with properly notarized signatures or by certified court order. Mr. Maisel’s service can help protect children by ensuring that their passports are kept in a secure and safe location and, at the same time, reduce the anxiety and concerns of their separated parents. For more information, contact Passport Depository & Escrow Corp. at (954) 760-9848.


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