February 21, 2014

How to Propose Collaborative Divorce to Your Spouse

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Realizing your Florida marriage is headed for a Florida divorce or being told it definitely is by your spouse is no easy moment. Divorcees from Wellington to Palm Beach are looking for more peaceful ways to get through an awful process. Many lawyers are assisting divorcing individuals with collaborative divorce.

If you decide that a collaborative process is best, broaching the subject with your spouse can bring new challenges. In a recent article, Erin Brit, a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer from Illinois, shares tips about how to approach the idea:

  • Begin by letting “your spouse know that you wish to negotiate a fair settlement” through the collaborative process of divorce. He or she may not understand what that means so be prepared to share information such as books, pamphlets or online articles.                                                                          Schedule a Personalized Divorce Assessment With an Attorney Now!
  • Communicate the benefits of a collaborative process in divorce. Share your desire to resolve issues in a positive way. A divorce that is collaborative allows both of you to:
    • stay out of the court system, saving time and reducing stress in the process
    • negotiate respectfully, working towards solutions not spending time blaming
    • remain anonymous— settlement particulars are not filed with the courts when the divorce is collaborative
    • obtain the help of professionals who are trained in collaborative divorce, such as specialists in finances and child psychology
    • focus on the future and make changes more easily than with litigated divorce
    • save money and time on many levels in the process
    • work out the details in a way that is best for children and allows for co-parenting
    • Encourage your spouse to speak to a collaborative divorce attorney.
    • Let your spouse have some time to think about the idea and “make an appointment” to talk some more about it.
    • Be specific and “invite your spouse to participate in a collaborative divorce rather than engage in litigation.”

No divorce is easy and taking on a collaborative process is no exception. But by working hard with a team of divorce professionals experienced in the collaborative process to help you stay focused on results and keep the children as a central focus, it just might be a little more productive and peaceful.


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