April 2, 2014

How to Save More Money in a Collaborative Divorce

save money collaborative divorce

Separating the marital assets of a couple is often complicated and costly. Working towards that goal through a collaborative divorce may feel daunting but with the help of an attorney, it can reduce costs over traditional litigation. Want to cut costs even further? Take the advice of Richard Price, a collaborative law attorney from Texas to further save money.

How to Save More Money:

By following any of these recommendations, you will cut down the amount of time needed from your attorney, thereby reducing your fees.

1) Organize your financials: Palm Beach County requirements for financial disclosure in a divorce originate from the state law. The documents needed include tax returns, bank and credit card statements, and personal property lists and may include more complicated items such as brokerage statements or property and estate documents. Be sure to present the copies in a timely and organized fashion when requested by your lawyer.

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2) Have an agenda when meeting with your attorney: Make the most of every minute with your attorney by being prepared. Be ready with a list of issues that have occurred since your previous meeting and questions that you would like answered.

3) E-mail first and keep it on-point: Communicating by telephone adds time to communications. Social standards for civil behavior require that pleasantries be exchanged before business can be discussed, wasting valuable time. An e-mail allows you to get to the point quickly and keep your issues brief. Take some time to edit your communication to just the essentials before hitting send. There’s no need for fluff here.

4) Combine your questions: Instead of calling or e-mailing your attorney every time you think of a question or comment, communicate less frequently but with more content each time. Keeping a small notebook in your briefcase can help. When questions occur to you, write them down and then combine several into one time-saving e-mail.

Keep in mind, each of these items deals with clear and concise communication. Whether you reside in West Palm Beach or Wellington or elsewhere in Palm Beach County, practicing the skills will help your lawyer be more effective with your time. Saving you money.


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