April 30, 2014

If You Spoke Klingon, You Might Not Have Divorced

If You Spoke Klingon, You Might Not Have Divorced

Experienced divorce attorneys from Jupiter to West Palm Beach know that being requested to speak Klingon is not a sufficient ground for divorce in the State of Florida. Florida is a No-Fault state. However, some states in the United States and some English-speaking countries still require a finding of fault in order for a divorce to be granted. In England, one of the grounds for fault to justify getting divorced is "unreasonable behavior." In a New York Times article, British divorce lawyer Vanessa Platt listed some of the grounds that her clients have alleged constituting unreasonable behavior to justify a divorce. Unbelievably, they include:

1. My husband insists I dress in a Klingon costume and speak to him in Klingon;

2. My wife has maliciously and repeatedly served me my least favorite dish, tuna casserole;

3. My husband has not spoken to me for 15 years, communicating only by Post-it Notes;

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4. My husband has atrocious body odor;

5. My husband keeps his pet tarantula, Timmy, in a glass case next to the matrimonial bed, even though I had requested that Timmy sleep elsewhere;

6. My husband repeatedly takes charge of the remote television controller, endlessly flicking through channels and fails to stop at any channel that I request;

7. My wife spitefully tampers with the TV antenna and throws away my cold cuts.

People in Palm Beach County can shake their heads in wonderment and disbelief that such allegations could constitute justifiable grounds for a divorce. It makes Florida's grounds of "irreconcilable differences" seem almost civilized.


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