October 12, 2011

The Angry Kid: Parental Alienation & Divorce

Parental Alienation Angry Kids

Divorce attorneys from Jupiter to West Palm Beach agree that children can be victims of parental alienation. In April 2011, a victim of parental alienation spoke out and claimed that he had lied about being abused over ten years ago. 

Sometimes children of divorce are susceptible to brainwashing and creating their own little scenarios of how terrible the target parent is. The alienating parent may lie to their child about the target parent, so they can destroy the relationship between the other parent and child. More than ten years ago, a prior client  was accused of sexually abusing her son. Her son recently spoke out and publicly apologized for his behavior as a child. He stated that he lied in court because his father and stepmother “coerced and almost forced” him to say false statements. If he did not “satisfy them, [he] would have to pay the consequences.”

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What the child did not realize was the impact of his accusations on his mother’s life— how could she ever teach again with the title of a registered sex offender? It’s too late to compensate for the many years missed raising her children and the years she was expelled from teaching, but it is not too late for us to realize that our actions can affect our children. It is important to keep children safe during a divorce and out of the middle of marital conflicts. 


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