June 12, 2008

Vacationing Without the Kids: Don't Forget the Essentials

Vacationing without the Kids: Don't Forget the Essentials
Ah, its summertime. It is a time when parents, divorced or not, are busy sending their children off to camp and to various summer programs at Universities and elsewhere.

However, many parents also take vacations (long and short) while their children are away from home or while their children are still there (being cared for by other family members or staying with neighbors). Unfortunately, many of these parents are not preparing properly for the care of their children while the parents are vacationing.

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If your children are going to be at home or in the vicinity of home, while you, their parents, are away, then parents should have a signed medical care authority provided to the child care provider so that the child can receive needed medical treatment of injury or illness. In addition, parents should also provide a detailed list of their children's medical history and medications and conditions that the child has. Attorney Laura Hill of Massachusetts has good advice for parental planning for your children under and over the age of 18 while you are away on vacation. To view more of her advice, please click here.

Divorce lawyers and family law attorneys in Florida and elsewhere may not provide such advice to their clients, unless specifically asked to do so. Be an active consumer of legal advice and don't be afraid to ask. In any event, enjoy your summer break and remember a little pre-planning can provide a greater sense of ease when you are separated from your children for the summer.


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