November 15, 2010

Change Your Name or Not After Divorce

Should You Change Your Name After a Divorce?

Once a party decides to move forward in a divorce case, there are a multitude of decisions that must be made. Women have an additional choice: whether to keep your married name or change your name back to your maiden name. 

Serious considerations must be made with regard to one’s profession, the emotional climate under which the marriage ended, and whether children were involved and their ages. Women who have become successful and established in their profession may choose to keep their married name in order to protect their business brand that their name has developed.

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Prospective and past clients and other professions may become confused by a return to your maiden name since they associate you with the married name. Women may also want to consider whether changing their married name will allow them peace of mind.

Women from Jupiter to Boca Raton must determine if changing their name will provide a message that they too have moved on with their lives after the failed marriage. Women sometimes find comfort in a return to their maiden name, since it gives them closure on the marriage and divorce. However, careful consideration should be given as to how the children will react by their mother’s return to her maiden name after divorce.

Children may experience confusion in identifying themselves with their mothers if they do not share the same surname. Women may want to seek the advice from experienced divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County when considering their options.


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