August 5, 2014

Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents When the Heat Is On

Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents When the Heat Is On

The hot days of summer are upon us. Summer vacations are hectic for all families. However, summer vacations are even more challenging when you are dealing with two separate sets of households, two separate sets of schedules, and dealing with the heat of summer. The following are some summer vacation survival co-parenting tips for separated or divorced parents:

  1. Whenever possible plan ahead: This does not just mean the time when your vacation will occur. It’s also important to be candid with your ex-spouse about what your child will be doing when in your care. If the child is going away to camp, it’s important also to establish what the child will need for the trip and who will be supplying it. For instance, if your child needs a swimsuit and a beach towel, it’s important to know at which household the child will keep their belongings. Another good idea may be use a check list to keep track. Planning ahead makes the summer go smoother and reduces stress. And don’t forget to plan financially. Summer camps and increased child care throughout the summer will cost money. Make a plan to cover these expenses and ensure both parties understand who’s in charge of what cost;                                                                                                                                                Schedule a Personalized Family Law Assessment with an Attorney Today!
  1. Transitioning Between Households: It is important to make your child feel welcome in your home and to make sure that the transition is a smooth one. For example: Set similar rules in each household. If one parent limits cell phones in one house, try to ensure that there are similar rules in the other. The child will feel less confused and will not compare one parent to the other or attempt to manipulate one parent against the other. Also, set up personal space for your child. If your child does not have his or her room, organize space before he or she arrives such as drawers or closet space. All children need to feel they have a space to call their own. Having that individual space gives them an area in which they can decompress if they’re feeling stressed about the divorce or issues going on between their two parents;
  1. Communicate: Along with planning, civil and informative communication between parents is absolutely essential. Sharing your own schedule for vacations and your expectations for timesharing arrangements throughout the summer goes hand in hand with planning. Additionally, communicating any changes or concerns that come up are important in working together to find mutually beneficial solutions for your children;
  1. Keeping the Peace: Remember this isn’t about you two, it’s about your kids. It is important that you are comfortable with the arrangements and care for your child. And it is equally important that you balance these concerns with an understanding of your ex partner’s point of view. A plan that works for you and not for your ex-partner isn’t going to solve problems and will just cause more resentment in the future.
  1. Give Your Child Attention and Have Fun: Put away your work; take time off from work, cell phone, laptop, and computer; and make sure to spend time with your child. Children do not need to be kept busy all the time. However, make sure the time spent together is being equal. It’s helpful to plan activities beforehand to ensure that your child will look forward to their visit. Children value quality time over fancy trips and they don’t care about which parent takes them to the beach.

Just like during your divorce, keep focused on the business at hand and keeping peace in your co-parenting relationship and focus on the best interest of your children. Doing that and following the above tips will make summer vacation a time of play and laughter. You can ensure that with the right approach to co-parenting. 


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