February 18, 2015

Divorce for Men: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes to avoid in Florida Divorce

Heighten emotion and a lack of knowledge, along with other factors, can cause divorce for men to involve some common mistakes.

Learn some of the most common mistakes to avoid as a male in order to prevent falling victim to them:

  1. Using children as pawns. Children of divorcing parents are inherently in a difficult situation. Do not compound that by using them in any disputes with your spouse. If she threatens to limit or deny visitation, do not respond with threats of your own. Let the court sort out the situation and determine what is fair.
  2. Not hiring your own lawyer. While it may hold the allure of minimizing costs, sharing a lawyer creates a definite conflict of interest. Each party in a divorce needs a lawyer dedicated to protecting their own interests.
  3. Becoming passive. Shock may lead men to sit idly by and allow their spouse to do whatever she wants. Being passive does not equate to being reasonable. Being passive often leads to negative results. Once the shock has passed, that will become more clear.
  4. Moving out of your home. While neither of you may be happy being around each other, moving out means less time with your children and can skew the court's decision regarding timesharing (custody/visitation) in your wife’s favor. It also results in an increase in housing expenses.
  5. Letting property division become revenge-driven. Getting caught up in “winning” certain pieces of property just to hurt your spouse is a mistake. Determine what items are truly special to you and make those the ones your lawyer strives to obtain.
  6. Concealing information. You may feel tempted to omit or conceal financial information with the belief that “no one will ever know.” Resist the temptation. If the information is uncovered (which it most likely will be), you lose credibility with the judge and can damage your case.
  7. Responding to your impending divorce with anger. While divorce is highly emotional, it is important not to let the emotion of anger get the best of you. It can be detrimental to your court case, as well as your image.

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Recognizing and avoiding these mistakes is the first step in achieving an equitable divorce.


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