August 28, 2013

Baby Daddy – Divorce Drama

Baby Daddy Divorce Drama

Divorce attorneys realize the legalities and complications of representing celebrities or high profile clients. It is no doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with Mildred Baena has brought about many legal complications. 

California law states that children should share in the lifestyles of their parents, and the media has revealed the type of lifestyle that the Schwarzenegger family enjoys—several vacation homes, mansions, a private jet, fancy cars, expensive travelling arrangements and private school tuition. This raises the question of whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger owes child support to his illegitimate child.

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According to sources, child support guidelines will determine how much Baena is entitled to for child support. The court will take into account Schwarzenegger’s income and if this monetary reward would benefit the child, it would be appropriate, according to the California law. There is evidence that the child was born over a decade ago, and it is possible that Schwarzenegger and Baena have an agreement so that she would keep his secret. However, the public may never know the result of this case because California law states that cases involving children born out of wedlock are sealed and the proceedings are confidential. 


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