September 11, 2013

Divorce and Parenting: Privacy, Please!


Divorce attorneys understand that young children are using social networking sites to communicate with others. Several social networking sites attract pre-teens, sometimes as young as 5 or 6. These sites don’t allow the same types of communication that adults have, but parents should still be wary of these websites and help their children socialize safely online.

Even though websites such as Facebook have age limits, and no one under the age of 13 is technically permitted to have a page, 30 percent of parents admitted to allowing their tweens to log on. Parents should talk to their kids about social networking sites and help them realize the consequences of sharing information with strangers.

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Some of the following suggestions offer ways that divorced parents can protect their kids on the internet:

    1. Teach children to keep personal information private: No matter what kids think, nothing is really private. It is up to kids to protect themselves by thinking twice before they click the "post" button. Moreover, it is important for parents to help kids define what information should be withheld from the public.
    2. Use privacy settings: Using privacy settings to restrict access and postings to your child’s webpage can limit who can view their online profile and can control the online functions they may use.
    3. Talk to your kids about bullying: Bullying can take many different forms—from spreading nasty rumors online and posting or forwarding private messages without the sender’s consent. Tell your children that the words they use online could have real-world consequences.
    4. Make sure kids know to respect other people’s privacy: It is important to respect the privacy of others because we live in a world where everyone is connected. If kids spread a rumor, they can’t assume that what they post will stay private. Whatever they say can and most likely will, come back to haunt them.

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