May 29, 2008

Divorce Parties

Divorces, whether they are civil or highly contested, often involve emotional pain, anguish, and anxiety for the participant. Divorces are never pleasant. Whether you live in
West Palm Beach, Florida or elsewhere, few people will claim that their experiences in a divorce have been pleasant. Consequently, the last thing anyone would likely think about after they have completed a divorce is throwing a party. Nevertheless, a whole industry regarding the celebration of one's divorce is developing in this country.

The reasons for this evolving social trend could be many. No standard activity or rite of passage previously existed to commemorate one’s passage from a married state to a single state. We have unpleasant events that happen in our lives such as funerals, which have rites to celebrate the individual who has passed away, commiserate with their family, and wish them well in the future.

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A divorce party, at its best, embraces all these elements. Divorce parties have quickly sprung up around the country. An inquiry on the Internet will quickly locate books on divorce parties, divorce party planners, music play lists, and hotels in Las Vegas and other metro areas that cater to divorce parties. Even a play has been written about this social phenomena: “The Divorce Party” by Laura Day. All this activity around divorce parties would not be occurring unless it was meeting a need.


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