May 3, 2011

iPhone Divorce App Saves Big

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Thousands of apps have been created since the release of Apple’s innovative iPhone. Cell phone users from Wellington to Jupiter can now conveniently download the hottest applications for shopping, socializing, gaming, browsing, and much more. 

Whether you need help finding your parking spot, determining what constellation you’re looking at, or the song currently playing on the radio, you can be assured that there's smartphone apps for it. One of the latest apps to hit the market is proving to offer huge savings for divorcees. The Estate Divider application helps spouses create a spreadsheet of assets and liabilities to appropriately divide up assets fairly in a divorce. The cell phone software created by a Dallas family law team is complete with an alimony and child supportcalculator.

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Once financials have been established, the app can email the desired settlement and outcome of the property division to their respective attorneys. Divorce attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens Boynton Beach and elsewhere in Palm Beach County understand that determining assets and liabilities and divvying them up can be one of the costliest aspects of divorcing. For sale at an astonishing price of $9.99 on iTunes, this app may prove to outperform Coupon Sherpa or Compare Me in savings. 


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