July 30, 2014

Divorce and a Three Year Itch?

Divorce and a Three Year Itch?

Most of you will recognize the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe standing on the city grate in her stunning white dress while the hot air of the city rises and blows her skirt, revealing her smashing legs. What you may not know is the image hails from the play, later made into a movie, “The Seven Year Itch.” People from Jupiter to Wellington recall the plot that includes the main man, a literary publisher, “proofing a book in which psychiatrist Dr. Brubaker claims that a significant proportion of men have affairs in the seventh year of marriage.” (Source)

In these precarious times of relationships, apparently the “itch” is coming much sooner. An article from the UK based ParentPages.com says, “Research shows that couples with young children are now most likely to go their separate ways at the three year mark.”

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Life is changing. Gender roles are shifting and many couples are marrying later in life. As this happens, couples are tending to have children earlier in their marriage. This may be increasing the pressure felt by a new mom and dad who haven’t had a lot of time to get to know each other before they have their first baby. These facts directly impact the early divorce rate.

Other issues, such as the pace of life, juggling career, parenting, chores and leisure time, also bring more stress to families. Another UKwebsite, Netmums.com, crafted the study and shares how it found couples four and a half times more likely to split at the 3 years mark than at seven. The article surmises that “Struggling parents are now so short of time and money that two in five only managed to go out as a couple ‘two or three’ times a year. A worrying 15% ‘never’ go out as a couple anymore while 14% only have a single night a year together. Only one in 100 parents can now spend quality time together a few nights a week.”

Netmums founder, Siobhan Freegard says, “taking time to really listen to each other can be the key to keeping love alive and remind you why you first fell in love.”


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