July 24, 2012

Do Finances Remain Private in Collaborative Divorce?

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It’s been in the news along Florida’s East Coast lately: who gives what amount of money to which political aspirant or party. This scrutiny will likely intensify as we encounter a big election year. Some political proponents want to be recognized for their support of “their candidate” and others wish to remain anonymous. The important point here is to understand that during a divorce, you may not be given a choice as to whether you care to reveal that information or not. As experienced divorce lawyers from Jupiter to Wellington will tell you, your financial information in family court cases will not remain private.

First, let’s be clear that during any divorce, a qualified attorney should be consulted to assist with compiling financial information to be disclosed in the settlement. If choosing to litigate the split, remember, all information in the courts is recorded and can be publicly investigated. The best way to keep the information out of the public’s reach is to stay out of the courts through a collaborative divorce.

For this article, however, we’ll be chatting about finances.

In divorce processes that stay out of the courts, such as in collaborative divorce, those records are not part of any public record and remain only a part of the attorneys’ private records. Only the final settlement paperwork is filed in court.

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While it might be hard to imagine why anyone would want to investigate your divorce papers, it is really about the privacy of your financial choices.

Take for example, CEO of Malaleuca Inc., Frank VanderSloot, who recently found himself in the news because of his public divorce records. He, along with eight other donors, was the victim of a political smearing for his and the other’s contributions to a presidential hopeful. (source) “The collaborative process is famous for its protection of privacy — and regardless of your political views, Frank VanderSloot’s story is a current, cautionary tale . . . worth heeding.” (source)

You may not be giving $1 million to any political candidate but wanting to keep your personal financial situation private is understandable. Look into Collaborative Divorce to do just that.


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