November 18, 2010

Do in-Laws Become Outlaws After Divorce?

Do In-laws Become Outlaws after a divorce in Florida.

After a divorce has been settled, many ex-spouses raise concerns or have questions about how large a role the former in-laws should play in their life after divorce. The quality of relationships and frequency of contact between divorced spouses and their in-laws greatly varies across every family. 

From Boca Raton to Jupiter, many divorcees consider themselves extremely close to their in-laws after years of marriage and are often devastated by the idea of separating themselves or losing these relationships.

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On the other hand, many divorcees are pleased to shut out their overbearing in-laws from their new lives. Regardless of how the ex-spouses feel, when children are involved it is important to recognize the relationship between the child and their grandparents. While you may have technically divorced your in-laws, they will forever be the child’s grandparents. As such, children should never be punished by the parents’ decision to get divorced by the exclusion of their grandparents from their lives.

Family law and divorce lawyers around the West Palm Beach and across Palm Beach County have witnessed the damaging effects that children experience as parents deliberately refuse the grandparents' involvement in their child’s lives. 



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