February 8, 2017

Does a Valentine's Day Marriage Doom You to a Valentine's Day Divorce?

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To the average person, Valentine's Day signifies a day of romance and loving interaction. For the more romantic couple, Valentine's Day sometimes becomes the day they may consider getting married. However, a recent study by economists at the University of Melbourne indicates that weddings that take place on Valentine's Day are 18% to 36% more likely to end up in a Valentine's Day divorce than couples who are married on another day of the year. This study doesn't mean that nobody should ever get married on Valentine's Day. A more in-depth review of the data in the study reveals that:

  1. Couples getting married on Valentine's Day are more likely to have been married before. It's well known statistically that second or third marriages are far more likely to end up in a divorce than people in first marriages.
  2. Many of the individuals in this study had children from prior relationships. Another frequent cause for divorce is the inability of a new spouse to cope with and or bond with their spouse's children from a prior relationship.
  3. Individuals who get married on a special day like Valentine's Day also appear to be less alike in terms of education and age than spouses who marry on ordinary dates.

These details, however, do not necessarily mean that if a couple is childless on the date of their marriage, and if they both grew up in the same decade with similar educational degrees, then they have a green light to get married on Valentine's Day.

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The authors of the study concluded that couples who marry on ordinary dates (other than special days like Valentine's Day) may be more strongly influenced by the characteristics of their relationship and their compatibility than couples who marry on special dates.

In any event, keep in mind that there are also other reasons why their marriages end in a divorce. Their marriages end up in a divorce. Large differences in income, not participating in a honeymoon, having an inordinately expensive wedding ceremony, and getting married shortly after meeting your partner all enhance the chance that you will not remain blissfully married "until death do you part". Consequently, the result of this study makes it clear that getting married is a serious decision and the date of your union and the commencement of your marriage/legal union should not be based on a gimmicky day.


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