November 15, 2016

Four Reasons to Consider Collaborative Divorce If You’re Over 50​

Florida Divorce After 50

Divorces are never easy. Divorcing after 50 can certainly complicate an already difficult process. Couples who are older in age and who have been married for a long period of time accumulate more marital assets and liabilities and higher incomes. This does not mean, however, that the process can’t be cooperative. Let’s look at a few reasons why Collaborative Divorce benefits older couples.

Collaborative Divorce After Age 50

  • Cost: A collaborative divorce in Florida is more cost effective than litigation. Each person involved hires an attorney and the decision-making process is focused on problem solving. Attorneys and individuals are all present and involved, reducing the communication time needed to make decisions and therefore the cost of attorneys’ time.

  • Decision-making: Emotions usually run high in divorce but decision-making should be done with open communication and balance. An experienced collaborative divorce attorney in Florida or other “divorce coach can assist the parties in managing stress and emotions” says trained Family Law Mediator Tracy A. Timby, JD, MS. “This allows parties to make clear-headed, forward thinking decisions instead of critical financial or personal decisions based on the heat of the moment.” 

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  • Children: Many couples over fifty considering divorce in Florida have children, pre-teens to young adults, who will be affected by how they deal with their divorce. According to Merck Family Home Health Handbook, “Children adjust best when parents cooperate with each other and focus on the child’s needs” the Handbook suggests, “Whenever possible, parents should live close to each other, treat each other respectfully in the child’s presence, maintain the other’s involvement in the child’s life, and consider the child’s wishes regarding visitation.” When parents work collaboratively, such as this, children have a much greater chance of working through their grief productively.

  • Privacy: Many people are unaware that a litigated divorce is a public event. Both divorce files and court appearances are open to public view and examination. Disclosed records usually include financials such as income, investments, debt, credit history, mortgage due and home value. While in litigation, attorneys will openly report accusations, involvement with substance abuse and other high-conflict issues. A divorce that is collaborative in the State of Florida is private. Only the final agreements are filed in public records.

Divorce at any age is challenging. Considering collaborative divorce in Florida has many benefits, no matter what age. 



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