September 21, 2016

Do I need a Child Custody/Timesharing Lawyer?

Florida Timesharing and child custody lawyer

From a legal perspective, parents are not required to have a lawyer for Florida child timesharing (visitation) matters. However, there are advantages to utilizing a board certified family law attorney when dealing with these issues.

It is important to consider the following advantages when deciding whether or not to secure legal representation:

Some advantages of using a Florida board certified family law attorney are:

They have knowledge of the law and rules of procedure;

  • They are familiar with the various judges, which means they know their rulings and the best approach to use when dealing with them. This familiarity also may extend to the social study/custody/timesharing evaluator and the other lawyer, giving you even more insight into recommended behavior;
  • They can help you with the information-gathering process of discovery. This assistance can include everything from organizing the information to presenting it in a way that is most favorable to you;
  • They can help you control your anger and other emotions that may rise out of the proceedings. Judges may interpret that anger and/or frustration as a negative character trait, which does not factor well in timesharing/custody decisions;
  • They help the spouses keep hostility in check and therefore make negotiations more effective;
  • They are a good resource for asking questions before you take any actions that may be detrimental to your case;
  • It allows for an even playing field, especially if your spouse has hired a lawyer. Not knowing the laws or rules of evidence can make it difficult to adequately present your case to the court. This could endanger your chances at obtaining a meaningful timesharing/visitation/custody schedule with your children; and
  • They help ensure fair allocation of child support by uncovering hidden assets of income that have not been disclosed by the opposing party.

Child custody/timesharing/visitation is a serious issue and you should take whatever steps necessary to ensure you are prepared and equipped for what lies ahead. Hiring a board certified family law attorney to represent you is the best way to make sure the welfare of your children is the top priority.


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