October 21, 2010

Getting Back With an Ex-Spouse After Divorce; It’s Complicated!

 Is It Possible to Get Back With Your Ex After a Divorce

Many Palm Beach County residents flocked to the movie theatre to see the recent release, “It’s Complicated.” Starring Meryl Strep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin, this romantic comedy flirted with the idea that many divorcees have considered: is it possible to get back together with your ex-spouse after divorce?

Those who have watched the film know the moral of the story is that reconciliation after a divorce is complicated. Divorced couples that have attempted the impossible know that there can be issues with divorce and reconciliation including holding together the family unit, growing old with someone you profoundly respect and love, old unresolved haunting issues, and new uncovered territory.

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The title of the film seems to explain it all. Divorce attorneys from West Palm Beach to Wellington know people who are divorced still question whether or not they have the spark of chemistry to rekindle their relationship. But is it back? Can you make it work a second time? If you’re considering getting back with you ex-spouse rent the movie, or click here.


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