December 18, 2008

We Are Getting Divorced; Now Where Am I Going to Live?

Divorcing families in Palm Beach County and elsewhere know that the current economic times are impacting on their budgets. Even with two incomes, many families are just barely making their monthly payments. 

When divorce papers are filed on the other spouse, then it may become extremely tense and unfriendly in the marital residence. Coming home is like returning to a battle zone. The atmosphere is tense and it seems like there exists no place of respite or area where one can collect his or her thoughts and find some peace. In such circumstances, family lawyers have urged their clients to decide which spouse will leave the home while a divorce is pending. If the spouses could not decide who would move, then the courts may make that decision for the unhappy couple. With more and more people losing their jobs and the foreclosure rate soaring higher and higher, it is clear that many couples cannot afford to support two households while getting divorced. What is a divorcing family to do?

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The options are not many. But some options do exist. Family law attorneys may recommend that the spouses negotiate a "good' behavior contract that outlines behavioral guidelines and communication do's and don'ts while they remain in the home. These contracts can sometimes be negotiated by a mental health professional. Such arrangements are difficult, but sometimes can work well if the divorcing couple is centered on doing what is best for their children and if there exists a sufficient number of bedrooms in the marital home for them to each have their own. Another option is for one of the spouses to move in with a family member or a friend. In addition, many real estate companies are becoming more aggressive in obtaining renters for vacant homes at minimum prices. Many of these leases can be short term and can be a temporary solution to a financially troubled divorcing family.

It seems that the internet also provides some type of solution to every problem imaginable. The lack of affordable housing for divorcing families in need of short term leases is no different. "Stand By Housing" is a web based company that attempts to match short term leases with individuals in cities around the United States and
Canada. It seeks to match individuals who are looking to lease their residences for a short period of time with those who are looking for a short term residence.

Divorce attorneys know that divorces are stressful. The utilization of the above strategies may alleviate some of the stress and psychological strain being experienced by divorcing families.


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