July 6, 2016

How Do Parents Cause Parental Alienation During Divorce?

parental alienation during divorce

Parental alienation is a circumstance or dynamic in which a child allies himself or herself strongly and completely with an isolating  parent, and rejects a relationship with the "target" parent without legitimate justification. 

Is your ex wife or ex husband causing your children to behave differently with you or isolate the children from you by keep you from having a healthy relationship with your children in the Palm Beach County area?

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Parental alienation may typically occur in the context of a high conflict, highly litigated divorce. It is very dangerous to the children involved in the divorce and may be used to disrupt, limit, or destroy the relationship between the children and the other parent. Some of the alienation behaviors and symptons demonstrated by an alienating parent may include but are not limited to:

  1.  Vilification of the other parent;
  2. Destruction or removal of items in the house that might remind the child of their other parent's existence;
  3. Frequent complaints about how little money the other parent provides;
  4. Exaggeration of the other parent's psychological problem;
  5. Interference in the timesharing (visitation) schedule;
  6. Failure to encourage the children to spend time with their other parent;
  7. Physical protection of children from the imagined danger associated with the other parent;
  8. Fabrication of false allegations regarding the other parent;
  9. Criticism of the other parent for not working or not making enough money; and
  10. Development of secret codes with the children which may be used in the service of hurting the other parent.

The above list is not exhaustive regarding alienating actions of parents who are attempting to destroy the relationship between their children with their other parent. It is extremely dangerous for the children's present and future psychological and emotional development.

Parental alienation during divorce is a severe issue that could effect behavior of children in the long term.  You can read more studies here for reference. 

If you are currently undergoing parental alienation in your marriage or your divorce in Palm Beach Gardens - West Palm Beach area, or parental alienation is occurring after a final judgment of paternity or dissolution of marriage, then please contact the office of Charles D. Jamieson, Esquire immediately and schedule a consultation. Failure to act on resolving parental alienation behaviors can only have a negative impact in terms of your relationship with your children and may even include the complete destruction of that relationship.


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