July 22, 2015

How to Get Rid of the Post-Divorce Summer Blues

Getting rid of divorce depression
Summer is upon us. With summer come school vacations for your children. During and after your divorce your children are spending blocks of their vacation with your former spouse. Our children are a significant focus in our lives. Consequently, it's not unusual to feel at loose ends, lost, and a bit depressed during these periods of time.

It is important to remember that the best way to alleviate this ennui or sadness is not participating in an expensive getaway or extended shopping spree. The best way to lift your mood is to be involved with people and reach out to new experiences. Meaningful activities are also a good antidote to post-divorce blues. In addition, there are less expensive than going to the mall. The following are some activities you may wish to consider:

  1. Treat yourself to a self-indulgent inexpensive experience. Soaking in a hot tub, a lengthy morning coffee with the paper on your porch or terrace, reading your next favorite junk novel, or watching a movie you may not ordinarily be able to do so. Whatever the activity may be, take time out of your ordinarily busy day to do something that feels special. Choose to do something that you don't ordinarily do and don't often get the opportunity to experience. Whatever that special activity may be don't rush it. Take your time and savor it;
  2. Try something new. Challenging yourself with a new experience can often be uplifting. Learn to paint, go to a yoga class, or try paddle boarding. You can also brush up on an old technique like learning a new stroke in swimming, or bike riding, or some other activity that will be fun, a little exciting and a bit of a stretch;
  3. Travel. By traveling I don't mean an expensive extended vacation. You can take short trips that may last a day or maybe a weekend. Try taking a train to a nearby city, or drive to the next town, or eat in a new restaurant, or go hiking, or take a walk on a different route. Whatever you do make sure that you're present in the moment and savor the experience;
  4. Get some nature. Go outside and experience a space that's bigger than yourself. You don't have to go off to a far distant national park to take advantage of this experience. You can go to the beach, a city park, a State or county park. Take a hike and focus on what there is to do or see in that particular environment. You may surprise yourself of what you might learn; and
  5. Move. Take this opportunity of time away from your children to experience your body, dance, run, or workout. You can try a new physical activity such as tai chi or paddle boarding or whatever attracts your interest and works for you. Get moving and feel the world move around you. Moving renews your energy and lifts your mood. And make time for your people. This down time can provide you an opportunity to reconnect or connect in a new way with old friends and relatives. So schedule an activity with a friend or family member. Coordinating activities with others can be a challenge during summer months, but that's no excuse not to try. It will be worth the extra effort to have some face time and another way of interacting with friends and family.

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Hopefully if you're feeling any summertime blues they will be short lived. If you use any of the above activities you may find that your down time away from your children may actually be enjoyable and a period of renewal for you. That will have benefits for you, your friends, and your children.

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