June 1, 2016

I’m An Alienated Parent- Now What?


Parental Alienation can be one of the most serious issues of divorce.

If you believe you are an alienated parented, it is important to take steps immediately to address the situation. Do not assume that the problem will go away on its own. In some cases, the alienation can gradually worsen until the child is completely out of the parent’s life. To prevent this from happening, consider the following recommendations:

  • Document everything, including the source of concern, specific events and the associated dates and times. This information will enable you to get a clearer picture of the situation and will be useful for the team of mental health and legal professionals you will need to engage if the alienation is a legitimate concern.
  • Focus on always meeting or exceeding expectations as a parent. The alienating parent will be looking to exploit any mistake you make in his or her campaign of turning your child against you. Never be late or miss any scheduled time-sharings (visitations) and activities even if you believe the children will not show up.
  • Keep your emotions under control. Reacting with anger will only prove the alienator’s assertion that you are unstable. Maintain your composure and follow all court orders and agreements.

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  • Maintain love and empathy for your child regardless of the behavior. Their true feelings are often confused and suppressed by the alienating parent resulting in behavior that can be hurtful. Keep telling and showing them that you love them.
  • Don’t discuss any legal information or the alienation with your children. This could encourage your children to take sides or push them further into the alienation.
  • Do your research. Learn everything you can about parental alienation so you can identify, assess and address the situation appropriately.
  • Gather skilled reinforcements.
  • Enlist the services of a forensic evaluator to diagnose the PAS (by having the parents take a battery of psychological tests, doing a detailed case history and by observation.)
  • Find a lawyer who has experience with parental alienation syndrome. They can help you take the report by the forensic evaluator to a judge and convince them that child is being alienated and it is in his or her best interest to leave that environment.

While being the victim of parental alienation can make a parent feel helpless, there are proactive steps you can take to fight the emotional abuse. And, with the wellbeing of both, you and your children at stake, it is critical to have the right team of professionals backing your efforts.


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