June 2, 2016

Is Collaborative Divorce a Fit for Your Case?

Collaborative divorce


Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial alternative to the expensive adversarial litigation that often occurs in divorce cases and other family law matters. Collaborative divorce may be a fit for you and the circumstances of your case if you're interested in a divorce that:

  1. Encourages mutual respect;
  2. Models a problem-solving approach;
  3. Enables clients to control the process;
  4. Ensures clients' privacy; 
  5. Allows open communications and requires a transparent exchange of financial and other information;
  6. Identifies and addresses concerns of the interested person;
  7. Avoids destructive and expensive court battles;

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  1. Focuses on restructuring the family involved;
  2. Trains the participants in new and more constructive communication skills
  3. Provides the parties the option of crafting the results that meet their mutual needs; and
  4. Prepares the parties for their new lives as co-parents, instead of adversarial spouses.



If you believe that you identify with any of the above aspects in terms of resolving your divorce, or other family law dispute, then collaborative divorce would be a match for you. If you're interested in exploring collaborative divorce and how it may assist you in your divorce or other family law matter, then please contact The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. and schedule your consultation online or call 561-478-0312.


Collaborative Divorce

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